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18 App initiative & Teacher Card

What is the Culture Bonus?

It is an initiative by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers dedicated to promoting culture.

The program, intended for those who turn 18 in 2017, allows them to get € 500 to spend on cinema, music, concerts, cultural events, books, museums, monuments and parks, theater and dance, music, theater or dance courses. foreign language.
The kids have until 30 June 2018 to register for 18app and until 31 December 2018 to spend the Culture Bonus.

What is 18app?

It is a web application that allows those who turn 18 in 2017 to get € 500 to spend on vouchers for cinema, music and concerts, cultural events, books, museums, monuments and parks, theater and dance, music courses, theater or foreign language.

What is the Teacher Charter?

It is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, University and Research provided for by law 107 of 13 July 2016 (Buona Scuola), art. 1 paragraph 121, which establishes the Electronic Charter for updating and training tenured teachers of educational institutions.

Who are the beneficiaries?

The Charter is assigned to permanent professors of state educational institutions, both full-time and part-time, including teachers who are in the period of training and testing, teachers declared unsuitable for health reasons referred to in art. . 514 of Legislative Decree 16/04/94, n.297, and subsequent amendments, teachers in positions of command, posting, out of role or otherwise used, teachers in schools abroad, in military schools.

What is the card amount?

The nominal amount of the card is € 500 per year for each school year.

What can be purchased with the card?
The card can be used to purchase:

- books and texts, also in digital format, of publications and magazines which are in any case useful for professional updating;
- hardware and software;
- enrollment in courses for updating and qualification of professional skills, carried out by bodies accredited by the Ministry of Education, University and Research;
- enrollment in degree courses, master's degree, specialist or single-cycle courses, related to the professional profile, or to post-graduate courses or university master's courses related to the professional profile;
- access tickets for theatrical and cinematographic performances;
- entrance tickets to museums, exhibitions and cultural events and live performances;
- initiatives consistent with the activities identified in the three-year plan of the educational offer of schools and in the national training plan, referred to in article 1, paragraph 124, of law no. 107 of 2015 (Good School).


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