Sales conditions

According to the uses of Libraries, telephone orders are guaranteed, but not with absolute security, as it is not always possible to verify the presence of what is desired at the time of the request.
The prices are fixed for everyone and are exempt from VAT. 10% discount to fellow ALI members. The offers are intended except for the sold, the lack of some of the requested works does not entitle the refusal of the remaining orders.
Shipments are made upon payment or on payment of the preventive invoice. Shipping and bank charges are the responsibility of the customer. After 15 days from the reception of the goods complaints are not accepted. Those who want an invoice are requested to indicate their tax code or VAT number in advance.
The Court of Rome is competent for any controversy.


The shipping costs in the e-commerce system are automatically calculated according to the number of books ordered and the number of orders made during the last 365 days, when you choose to send the goods to the customer instead of picking them up at the bookshop.


Before the shipping:

- Wire transfer
- Credit card (VISA, MAESTRO, PREPAID, POSTE PAY): directly from the website through the secure PayPal system.

After shipment (only for amounts less than € 300.00):

- Bank check payable to LTD

Our used books come from individuals.
For the purchase of books from private subjects we adhere to the following rules:
1) for each purchase Venpred formulates a preventive evaluation (or appraisal) following a direct examination.
2) offers received by e-mail cannot be evaluated; they can be taken into consideration if a direct view of the materials offered is possible.
3) when the evaluation (or appraisal) concerns goods for which there is interest in the purchase, the amount of the evaluation (or appraisal) reduced by a percentage to be agreed with the bidder constitutes for Venpred a purchase commitment valid for the 7 gg. later
4) the rates applied to the appraisals on the originality and market value of the books are established in accordance with the provisions of the ALI (Italian Booksellers Association). Nothing is due in case of subsequent purchase by Ven.Pr.Ed Srl.